Earth Day 2020

April 22 2020

Earth Day has become more than a day for VistaTek and SelfEco. It has become daily lifestyle. We continue to in-house compost, recycle and continue to reduce our waste. Employees are using reusable ceramic coffee mugs, bringing reusable packaging from home and we are adding a continuous improvement fund from the money we get back from recycling our aluminum, steel and plastics.

Earth Day 2019

April 20 2019

As SelfEco continues to grow, we are reminded the importance our two product lines have as they help combat the plastic pandemic disrupting oceans and landscapes around the world.

Oh My Woodness!

10 Companies that Plant a Tree for Every Product You Buy - Pt. 2

January 03 2018
Well, it's 2018. Happy New Year! Let's celebrate by honoring the companies that help preserve our precious Earth. Our...
We, gardeners, are always on the lookout for new garden hacks to spice up things here and there in our gardens. Below are 5 garden hacks from Wonderland Gardens that every gardener will find useful. Presoak to speed up germination Different seeds have a different germination rate, not because their embryos vary but because their shells have varying water-resistance. All that seeds need to activate and grow is some water to reach their embryos. Now, to jump-start the germination, all you do is presoak your seeds for up to 24 hours. However, you must be careful not to soak them for too long as they might rot. Presoaking helps in breaking the water-resistant coat/ dormancy and the seeds swell and the embryo begins to plump up. But, be sure not to soak seeds that germinate better in cool/cold temperatures in warm water and vice versa.  Used coffee grounds in your compost pile, as fertilizer and as an insecticide You don’t have to throw away the used coffee grounds because they might be very useful in your garden. First, coffee grounds are very rich in nitrogen, and as such, they make a great addition to your compost pile because they speed up the composting process by breaking down the organic items in the compost pile. Again, the coffee grounds mask the unpleasant smell that comes from the pile.  Second, used coffee grounds make a good fertilizer thanks to the abundance of nitrogen. And, just to note, used coffee grounds are not acidic. The acid present in coffee beans is water soluble thus it goes to the coffee itself leaving the grounds acid-free.  Again, you don’t have to go for harsh chemicals when dealing with pests in your garden. All you need is coffee grounds because most pests, including slugs, can’t stand it. Plus, this will even be more advantageous if you have acid-loving plants because as mentioned above, unused coffee grounds have water-soluble acid which will end up in the soil with time.  Use leftover beer or Clarified neem oil to kill snugs For neem tree, buy it in concentrated form then dilute it yourself following the recommended dilution rates on the bottles. Neem will repel all types of insects including thrips and aphids. What makes it even a better option is that there is no harm in eating plants that have been sprayed with neem. The other option is to use leftover beer in your garden to attract then kill snugs. All you need is beer in containers placed in various spots in your garden, and it will attract snugs then kill them once they crawl in.  Use an old milk jug as a makeshift watering can A good garden hose can help a great deal, especially when watering large lawns. However, there are times when a watering can is more ideal. The good news is that you don’t have to buy one if you have an old milk jug because all you do is drill a few holes on the lid and voila! Also, this will be a great way to save water because you will have a better control of how much goes where. However, this will only work for simple watering tasks.  Use disposable diapers to retain moisture in your potted plants Another great garden hack is laying diapers in your potted plants to retain moisture longer. This is especially helpful during the overly dry/warmer weather where pots require frequent irrigation. They are a great alternative to water retention crystals because they too contain hydrogel.

5 Garden Hacks Everyone Should Know About

January 03 2018
We, gardeners, are always on the lookout for new garden hacks to spice up things here and there in our gardens. Below...
Compostable Product Comparison: Self-Feeding Pots vs. Commercial-Grade Pots (NEW!)

Compostable Product Comparison: Self-Feeding Pots vs. Commercial-Gr...

December 28 2017
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7 Tips For Maintaining Your Garden Plumbing During Winter Months

6 Tips For Maintaining Your Garden Plumbing During Winter Months

November 20 2017

7 Tips For Maintaining Your Garden Plumbing During Winter Months

Keeping plumbing systems in your garden functional means following the same rules which are also valid for home plumbing. Follow these tips and learn what to do when a problem arises.

Dirt on Danny's Desk

Why Dirt On My Desk Made My Day!

October 27 2017
Dirt on Danny's DeskI walked into my office after lunch last week and there was a bag of dirt on my desk. I asked my co-workers regarding it and they said that a lady named Carol wanted to share what was left from her SelfEco Garden Pot. She had taken a tour (with St. Croix Valley Tours) of our manufacturing facility last fall and received a 6-pack of the SelfEco Compostable Garden Pots.
Protein Rich Edemame Pods

10 Protein-Rich Foods You Can Grow In Your Home Garden

September 12 2017
 Eating more plants has created a new consumer: The Flexitarian. 23 Million Americans identify as flexitarian. 30% ...

How You Can Use Solar Energy To Improve Your Garden

April 26 2017

If you have green fingers then chances are you care a lot for nature and you appreciate the beauty and wonders that comes with it. Having your own garden, planting plants, food and flowers are a big contribution you are making to our earth, this is something that is being supported by the green movement non-stop. But there are even better ways to become an eco-friendly gardener with the help of using solar power in your garden.

Stillwater Earth Day Celebration, School Projects, & More!

April 25 2017

Manufacturing & Earth Day 2017

April 20 2017
You all know that SelfEco strives to be the most Earth-Friendly caterware & garden company on this planet. Our products are made from renewable plants, we hardly ever print in our offices, we grow our own indoor salsa garden, and heck, some of us drive electric vehicles to work. But being Earth-friendly isn't just about your immediate actions and what you post about on Instagram. Did you know that we strategically chose our manufacturer for Earth-friendly reasons as well?
Pot or Plant?

Is The Beauty In The Plant Or The Pot?

April 10 2017

Pot or Plant?

When people are buying their plants this Spring, we've found that they've completely lost focus on where the beauty lies.

MN Cup Food/Ag/Beverage Division Winners SelfEco Garden!

2016 Review: What Have We Been Up To?

January 10 2017
Wow, what a year 2016 was! Some call it the worst year ever, but we're a couple of optimistic people. So here are som...
How to grow gypsophilia baby's breath

How to Grow Gypsophilia (Baby's Breath)

May 02 2016
What is Baby's Breath? Baby's Breath are a tender and delicate annual flower. Growing Baby's Breath is very easy, an...
SelfEco Garden 4" Round Pots

Product Update, Kickstarter Shipping Date, Pics and More!

April 13 2016
Hi Kickstarter Backers, we have lots of good news! Man, have we been busy... Please read this whole update. We promis...
Woodchuck USA

10 Companies that Plant a Tree for Every Product You Buy

March 21 2016
It's International Forest Day and what better way to help the forests than to plant a tree? Here is our favorite list...
International Forest Day 2016: Forests and Water

International Day of Forests 2016: Forests and Water

March 21 2016
This global celebration of forests provides a platform to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests a...
Buy some clover seeds at your local nursery or lawn-care store.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! – 6 Steps to Grow a Clover Lawn

March 16 2016
Are you tired of cursing at crabgrass and dueling with unwanted weeds? Do you dream of a beautiful yard that doesn't ...