March 21 2016
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Ben Rummel
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10 Companies that Plant a Tree for Every Product You Buy


Ayesha - April 20 2019

Hey this is great! You should add “No Nasties” to the list as well. They’re an organic cotton clothing brand based out of Goa. They too plant a tree for every product you buy. :)

Fredrik - April 20 2019

The awesome watch brand Manjáro is also planting a tree for every sold watch! You should add them to the list!

Sam - April 20 2019

We’re always happy to have more partners in our efforts to not only plant trees, but to also aid farmers in their efforts to plant themselves out of poverty. Check out our website, and if you are a business that may be interested in partnering with us, please indicate your interest here:

Courtney - April 20 2019

You forgot to add Arbor Army!

🌲🌲🌲 🌲🌲🌲

trees planted for every item sold- everything small batch/hand crafted

Tiff - November 04 2018

Add Luxe Ideal to the list! They plant a tree for every phone case sold!!

paul - November 04 2018

We would like to do the same and plant trees for every order a customer places. Any Ideas which company we could have plant trees for us?

Andy Schornack - January 29 2018

Flagship Bank Minnesota ( will be planting a tree for every customer that goes e-statements. I am proud to be leading that charge.

David Bryans - January 18 2018

Fantastic article and I absolutely love these initiatives.
I hope more and more companies do the same thing, and they grow.

Theres another to add to the list:
They plant 10 trees for every item sold, selling mainly candles.

Craig Carda - January 13 2018

Hey There is some good ones on here! But there is lots of local companies that do this too, Like and Just saying its not all about the big guys.

Nicky - January 04 2018

Another brand that’s been following this initiative is Ibi Bags ( where they plant a tree for every tote bag they sell, it’s pretty cool. I like their designs and it encourages Zero Waste

Craig Matthew - December 05 2017

Another to add: DETOX Paddle Company

They plant a tree for every inflatable paddle board sold.

Jim Dereka - November 15 2017

I love these brands! Another one of my favorites companies with a similar mission is the Bountiful Board Co. Not only do they make awesome cutting boards but also plant trees to make sure they are giving back more than they take.

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