What Are Customers Saying?

Real reviews from customers who have already purchased SelfEco products. Each customer is sent a review request after purchase.




Love Them!

"I LOVE these pots! You can get a decent-sized plant started indoors when it's still cold outside, and then easily replant them outside when the weather warms up. These are so much better and easier than regular plastic pots -- you just plant the whole thing in the ground or container, and you're done. With the regular plastic pots, it's a messy job to remove the plant and replant it in its permanent home, plus you have to disturb the roots and the rest of the plant to get it done, which can lead to hurting the plant. I'm going to get more of these because I'm simply delighted with the ease and plant-friendliness of them." – Amazon Customer



Exactly what I needed to transplant cuttings from our fig trees

"We're moving and want to take cuttings from our ancient fig trees and roses to our new farm. These little pots are serving my purposes nicely. I like that I can put my cuttings in the pot and plant the entire thing directly into the ground. These are small and light, so they are intended for a young plant or flower just starting. Hopefully, the roses will do well with the built-in plant food - I have a notorious black thumb, so any extra help for my plants is welcome." – Amazon Customer



Good for starting seeds, growing plants and reducing plastic waste!

"Everyone should use these in order to reduce the number of plastic pots that end up in the land fill. Planted seeds in them and kept them in the sunroom till sprouted and then placed out in the garden -- pot and all. Pot is already starting to decompose." – M. Lauer



Sturdier than expected--better eco alternative that peat/coir pots

"I understand the appeal of coir or peat pots. They are made of plants and you can bury them when planting and the roots will grow right through. The problem with them is when I'm growing my seedlings, they tend to pick up mildew (unlike their plastic counterparts) because they stay wet on my self-feeding mats. Not everybody has this situation, so some may prefer those. But these are sturdier than the peat/coir pots--in fact they are sturdier than some of my non-disposable plastic pots. They don't retain water in their surface, so you won't get the mildew, and you can still bury them like the peat pots. Time will tell if they disintegrate if not buried (if you want to reuse them). But if you bury them, you have the benefit of not disrupting the root system as you would if you remove the plant and replant." – Henrietta



... last growing season in a community garden and had fantastic results. Other members of the garden club wanted ...

"I used the self feeding compostable pots from SelfEco last growing season in a community garden and had fantastic results. Other members of the garden club wanted to know why my garden plants were so much bigger and producing more than their gardens. It was all the SelfEco pots. I started some of my seeds indoors earlier in the pots like my zucinni, peppers and cucumbers. Fantastic results!!!" – Amazon Customer



Growing Veggies & Flowers

"These self-feeding pots have been fantastic for growing plants, veggies & flowers, on our deck and flower beds. I just put my young plant in a SelfEco pot and either bury it in a container or in the flower bed. Because they are compostable I didn't have to remove pieces of it the next season (this is my second season), and since it has the necessary nutrients in the pot I don't have bags of fertilizer that have to be stored." – P.C.



Garden Momma

"They were so easy to use and plant in the ground. I started most of my plants by seed in the Selfeco pots and they all are flourishing. The tomato plants I purchased in the Selfeco pots are weeks ahead of others in our community garden that did not heave the Selfeco pots. Very pleased and would highly recommend using these pots again." – Lorinda M.




"My peppers and tomatoes have never looked this good this early! Thanks SelfEco!" – Robin R.