How to Use

Step 1: Peel the tabs


Step 1: PEEL

After you've pre-planted your pot, simply peel the tabs and toss them in the same hole your plant will live in. This will open up the pot and allow proper root growth.


Step 2: Plant entire pot in ground


Step 2: PLANT

Plant entire pot in ground. Yes, the whole darn thing. It's made of natural, compostable* materials!


Step 3: Water your plant and walk away


Step 3: WATER

Water your plant. and walk away. Your pot will automatically break down and help feed the plant's roots during its natural growing season.


*Since every gardening environment is different, you may have remnants of your pots left over after the growing season. Feel free to till them into your soil for additional nutrients for your next planting season, or you can compost them in industrial facilities with your organics. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities (yet).