How to Use

Step 1: Add Soil


Step 1:
Add Soil

Place a dish under each pot and pour in your favorite soil potting mix. Fill to about 1/2" below the brim of the pot.

Do not pack soil too tight as it may lead to cracking pot and poor plant growth.


Step 2: Add Seeds


Step 2:
Add Seeds

Add seeds approximately 1/4" down into the soil and lightly cover with loose soil. Gently water and be careful not to wash away seeds.


Step 3: Transplanting


Step 3:

When your plant has sprouted and is ready to be transplanted, peel all 4 tabs to allow roots to develop. Transplant the entire pot + loose tabs into a larger planter or into the ground. Continue to water as needed.


*Since every gardening environment is different, you may have remnants of your pots left over after the growing season. Feel free to till them into your soil for additional nutrients for your next planting season, or you can compost them in industrial facilities with your organics. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities (yet).