March 21 2016
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Ben Rummel
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10 Companies that Plant a Tree for Every Product You Buy


Moon & Jai - September 25 2017

At Moon and Jai we also plant a tree for each ritual kit purchased ~
We are partnering with National Forest foundation to spread tree planting initiatives in areas that need it most!

Jacob - August 20 2017

One more to add:

Ecosia is a search engine. the company uses at lesat 80% of its revenues to support tree planting initiatives all over the world! to date it has helped to plant more than 12 million trees.

Steve Bloemer - April 14 2017

Thanks for sharing these very useful lists! I’ll gonna bookmark their site!


lisa - March 29 2017 are also joining this list very soon – woohoo!!

Vishwajeeth Vangala - September 25 2016

Even this fire crackers website also will plant a sapling for every order they receive.

Ben Schkade - August 31 2016

AWESOME ARTICLE!!!! Would love to add to the mix. Sneakers and trees for the win!

Ashley - August 13 2016

Thanks for writing this up! The holidays are fast approaching and it’d be cool to see an updated list… Hopefully there are many more out there that got inspired by this list alone! ?

Derek, Founder Wave Tribe - July 13 2016

Thank you bros—love your product and mission.

Sophia Winn - June 08 2016

Very Very Nice Job writing this article. I will highly recommend it for other people…!!!!!!!!!!

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