4" Round - Compostable Seed Starting Garden Pots - Retail Display Case (16 x 6-Packs)


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SelfEco Retail Display Cases are the easiest way to display and sell SelfEco Pots in your store, garden center, or retail environment. Instead of taking up valuable shelf space, feel free to stack your display cases (up to 4 high) in the aisle-way or end cap. The easy tear away face allows customers to efficiently grab product and continue shopping.

  • 40 Cases (640 packs) fit on 1 standard 40x48 pallet
  • 1 pallet of product = 40"W x 48"L x 59"H (including actual pallet height)



SelfEco Garden Pots have plant food built right into the walls of the container. These nutrients come from coffee chaff, worm casings, and other natural organics. As the pot breaks down it releases these nutrients and proteins directly into the roots. This helps the plants grow bigger and faster all season long.

NO FERTILIZER NEEDED! Just add water & walk away :)


Place a dish under each pot and pour in your favorite soil potting mix. Fill to about 1/2" below the brim of the pot.

*Do not pack soil too tight as it may lead to cracking pot and poor plant growth.

Add seeds approximately 1/4" down into the soil and lightly cover with loose soil. Gently water and be careful not to wash away seeds.


When your plant has sprouted and is ready to be transplanted, peel all 4 tabs to allow roots to develop. Transplant the entire pot + loose tabs into a larger planter or into the ground. Continue to water as needed.




  • Self-Feeding: Eco-enriched plant food is integrated into the walls of the pot. As the pot breaks down and decomposes in the soil, it provides a constant source of nutrition for your plants and roots.
  • Petroleum Free: Traditional pots are made of oil-based plastic that is drilled from the Earth. SelfEco pots are made from plants.
  • Tree Free: Simple. Our pots are made from natural organics, not trees. Trees take lots of care and years to grow. Let's save the trees.
  • Landfill Free: It is estimated that we discard 200,000,000 pounds of petroleum-based pots into the landfill every year! By planting the SelfEco pot directly into the ground, we avoid landfills.
  • Drain & Water Safe: SelfEco Pots are made from all natural organics. Traditional granular fertilizers, fertilizer sticks, and some plant foods contain harsh chemicals and toxins that pollute our waterways and animal habitats.
  • Made in USA: Designed, sourced, manufactured, packaged, and assembled in the USA.

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