Social & Environmental Change

Change is good.

The SelfEco Pot addresses four social & environmental issues in the world today:

  • Petroleum-Free

    Traditional petroleum-based pots require oil to be drilled from the Earth. Petroleum-based plastic is great, but not for one-time-use products. Our sturdy "plastic-like" pots are actually made from fast growing, renewable plants!
  • Landfill-Free

    Too many petroleum-based pots are ending up in our landfills. But can't you just recycle them since they're plastic? No, not if there's remnants of soil or fertilizer still in the pot. Our pots are compostable, meaning you can plant the entire pot in the ground (with your plant), leaving no leftover waste.
  • Safe for Waterways

    Have you ever read the back of a bag of fertilizer? EEEK! Because our pots have nutrients built into the walls, there's no need for extra fertilizer to grow your plants. No fertilizer means no harmful runoff into our waterways.
  • More Food Yield

    1 in 9 people here on Earth do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active life. According to Iowa State University, SelfEco Pots are showing faster plant growth, bigger growth, and more fruit per plant. This is great news for gardeners, growers, nurseries, and even 3rd world countries!