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SelfEco Garden Pots

Did you know humans put over 200,000,000 pounds of petroleum-based garden pots into the landfill every year?! Something has to change.

Enter the SelfEco Garden Pot. The SelfEco compostable seed-starting garden pot has built-in plant food that automatically feeds the roots to produce bigger and healthier plants, more efficiently than traditional methods. NO FERTILIZER NEEDED! Just add water & walk away :)

SelfEco Pots are made with 100% renewable plants. They feature peelable tabs, which allow for unrestricted root growth and create stronger, healthier plants. SelfEco Pots are an easy way to grow great plants while reducing the number of plastic pots ending up in the landfill.

Unlike other eco-friendly garden pots on the market, SelfEco Pots can hold up in the automated planting process that growers/nurseries use.

Because there's already plant food built into the pots, we’ve eliminated the need to add extra fertilizers, compost, plant food, and the need for gloves to protect your skin from dangerous chemicals found inside of most fertilizers.

selfeco pulling tabs

selfeco pepper planting gif

Step 1: PEEL

After you've pre-planted your pot, simply peel the tabs and toss them in the same hole your plant will live in. This will open up the pot and allow proper root growth.


Step 2: PLANT

Plant entire pot in ground. Yes, the whole darn thing. It's made of natural, compostable* materials!


Step 3: WATER

Water your plant. and walk away. Your pot will automatically break down and help feed the plant's roots during its natural growing season.


SelfEco Pot vs Petroleum Pot


SelfEco Pot vs Fiber Jiffy Pot


Transplanting Comparison


Case Studies

We asked Iowa State University Agriculture department to put our pots to the test vs. the current leading bio-pot in the market. The image results speak for themselves. So, do SelfEco garden pots really work? You bet they do. Bigger plants, healthier plants, less root wrap, bigger fruit, more fruit. What more could you ask for?

SelfEco Garden Results Sheet: Iowa State University Growth Comparison


"Can plan to yield double the fruit."

–Iowa State University


SelfEco Garden Results Sheet: Iowa State University Growth Comparison 2
SelfEco Garden Results Sheet: Wagner's Garden Centers Growth Comparison
SelfEco Garden Results Sheet: In-House Root Tests
SelfEco Garden Results Sheet: In-House Root Tests 2
Compostable Product Comparison: Self-Feeding Pots vs. Commercial-Grade Pots (NEW!)

*Since every gardening environment is different, you may have remnants of your pots left over after the growing season. Feel free to till them into your soil for additional nutrients for your next planting season, or you can compost them in industrial facilities with your organics. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities (yet).