Spring 2017 Deals

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SelfEco Garden Pots are ideal for filling your retail shelves this Spring! They come in 2 different sizes, they're wrapped in an attractive and informative sleeve, and they're totally stackable on a shelf.

If you don't have shelf space, don't worry! Our retail-ready pots are shipped in tear-away display boxes so you can go right from delivery truck to store floor in minutes.

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4" Round Retail Case

4" Round Pots Retail Display Case


Name of Product Case Contents Case Size Case Weight  Case Price Per Pack MSRP
4" Round Pots - Retail Display Case 24 x 6-packs 13.5"w x 18"d x 13.5" h 15.68 lbs. $59.95 $5.00 - $5.75
3" Round Pots - Retail Display Case 40 x 10-packs 14"w x 18"d x 17"h 30.50 lbs. $111.95 $6.75 - $7.99


What Are SelfEco Garden Pots?

SelfEco seed starter garden pots go effortlessly from indoors, into the ground. They help your vegetables and herbs grow faster, bigger, and fuller, all while using less energy and resources. Each compostable pot contains natural protein-rich nutrients, built into the pot walls, that automatically feed the roots as the pot breaks down in the soil. SelfEco's garden pots are made from 100% renewable plants and are Earth friendly! Help reduce the amount of plastic waste by replacing your plastic pots today with SelfEco's more eco-friendly option.

Plant Food is already in the pot!

Peel tabs before planting pot


The SelfEco Pot addresses four social & environmental issues in the world today:

  • Landfill-Free: Plant whole pot in the ground, no leftover waste.
  • Safe for Waterways: No harmful fertilizer runoff into our water sources.
  • Petroleum-Free: No drilling for oil in order to make plastic pots.
  • More Food Yield: Faster growth & more fruit that traditional garden pots.

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