3" Round - Compostable Seed Starting Garden Pots - Bulk Case (300 Self Feeding Pots)


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The SelfEco compostable seed starting garden pot has built-in plant food that automatically feeds the roots to produce bigger and healthier plants, more efficiently than traditional methods.

NO FERTILIZER NEEDED! Just add water & walk away :)

SelfEco Pots are made with 100% renewable plants. They feature peelable tabs, which allow for unrestricted root growth and create stronger, healthier plants. SelfEco Pots are an easy way to grow great plants while reducing the number of plastic pots ending up in the landfill.

  • 24 Cases (7,200 pots) fit on 1 standard 40x48 pallet.
  • 1 pallet of product = 40"W x 48"L x 61"H (including actual pallet height)


    Made from plants, for your plants...

    The SelfEco Pot is a compostable garden pot, made out of PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is made from starchy renewable plants like corn, switch grass, and sugar beets grown right here in the U.S. Starch from these materials are processed into a biopolymer that looks, acts, and performs like its traditional, harmful cousin: petroleum-based plastics.

    What's feeding the plant?

    It contains all natural distiller’s grain (DDGS) incorporated directly into the pot walls, which acts as a protein-rich plant food that automatically feeds the plant's roots. DDGS is a by-product from making whiskey or ethanol. In the real world, it is tossed out or fed to pigs. Because of its protein-rich nature, it has proven to work great as plant food!


    • Self-Feeding: Eco-enriched plant food is integrated into the walls of the pot. As the pot breaks down and decomposes in the soil, it provides a constant source of nutrition for your plants and roots.
    • Petroleum Free: Traditional pots are made of oil-based plastic that is drilled from the Earth. SelfEco pots are made from plants.
    • Tree Free: Simple. Our pots are made from renewable plants. Plants grow very fast and take little care to maintain. Trees take lots of care and years to grow. Let's save the trees.
    • Landfill Free: It is estimated that we discard 200,000,000 pounds of petroleum-based pots into the landfill every year! By planting the SelfEco pot directly into the ground, we avoid landfills.
    • Drain & Water Safe: SelfEco Pots are made from all natural materials. Traditional granular fertilizers, fertilizer sticks, and some plant foods contain harsh chemicals and toxins that pollute our waterways and animal habitats.
    • Made in USA: Designed, sourced, manufactured, packaged, and assembled in the USA.

    How to Use


    Step 1: Peel

    After you've pre-planted your pot, simply peel the tabs and toss them in the same hole your plant will live in. This will open up the pot and allow proper root growth.

    Step 2: Plant

    Plant entire pot in ground. Yes, the whole darn thing. It's made of natural, compostable* materials!

    Step 3: Water

    Water your plant. and walk away. Your pot will automatically break down and help feed the plant's roots during its natural growing season.

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